Sales and Marketing

CO Wealth Advisory

Sales and Marketing

CO Wealth Advisory

Job Nature: Permanent

Position Level: Entry Level

Job Category: Gen Insurance/Underwriting/Claims, Insurance Agents/Brokers, Business Development, Corporate Sales

Qualification: Bachelor's / Honours

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We are inviting highly motivated, dynamic youths with a drive for success to join our expanding team as a Wealth Management Specialist!

Over here at CO Wealth Advisory Group, we specialise in providing advice and services for Businesses and PMETs:


- Business Insurance

- Employee Benefits

- Director's Liability

- Business Succession & Continuity

- Employee Engagement Talks & Seminars


- Retirement Planning

- Mortgage Planning & Refinancing

- Legacy Planning & Estate Planning

- Marriage Planning

- Property Planning

- Investment Advisory

- Tax Planning

- Instruments for wealth accumulation


We ensure that our clients are the top priority, and to always have their best interests in heart. At the same time, with the progression of upbeat market trends, we also strive to stay focussed on the race to the top by consistently expanding our influence in the industry.


Your goal will be to help build a repertoire of clients who would list us as their most trusted advisors in Wealth Management. Your success will expand our reach of influence in the competitive market – helping hundreds, if not, thousands of people achieve worry-free and comfortable living – while simultaneously developing your personal brand as a foremost expert consultant in our space.



As one of us, you’ll meet the team’s strategic needs on your own, experimenting, learning, and adjusting as you go. Throughout your journey to grow and expand our influence in the market, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Guiding clients and potential prospects with holistic Wealth Management planning
  • Building concise and effective Financial Health Summaries for clients
  • Advising clients on well-rounded financial planning



  • Within 1-3 years, you would have the opportunity to progress into management and lead your own team!
  • Love travelling? We have opportunities for you to travel to countries (up to 4 times a year) including Europe and America!
  • You will NOT feel alone as we would be providing personal mentorship in your journey with us!
  • You get to work in a Fun and Dynamic environment surrounded by Successful individuals to learn from!
  • Best part? You don’t need any experience in Sales or Finance.



Not everyone can be a Wealth Management Specialist. To be considered for this role, please have the following in regard to:

  • Education: Diploma Certificate / ‘A’ Levels Certificate or Higher
  • Age: At least 22 years old (MAS requirement)
  • Nationality: Singaporean / PR
  • Characteristics: This is an autonomous position, so you should be self-sufficient and self-motivated. This is also quite the fast-paced market so you should be someone who handles well under pressure.
  • Skills: We highly value people with leadership experience.


Come and be a part of our team today!

Company Overview

CO Wealth Advisory Group is a Premier Wealth Specialist Management Company with high volume of affluent and High Net Worth Client Base. With the progression of upbeat market trends, we ensure we stay focussed on the race to the top. With stronghold on the market, we are consistently expanding and keeping up with our footsteps and expanding our influence. Over here at CO Wealth Advisory, we hone and develop sales professionals into successful individuals who are masters of their life. Through our grooming, professionals will exude distinctive X-Factor and strong Leadership, Influence and Passion that are major contributing factors to the beautiful results in their Life Report Card. Be part of our dynamic team and create a different life journey that will change your life!
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