PR Specialist/PR Coordinator, Ying PR

Ying Communications

PR Specialist/PR Coordinator, Ying PR

Ying Communications

Job Nature: Permanent

Position Level: Entry Level, Experienced

Job Category: Corporate Communications/Public Relations , Brand/Product Management, General Marketing

Qualification: Bachelor's / Honours

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Is Ying the right place for you?

Work hard. Have fun. No drama. That’s what it says on our office wall, and we mean it. We are the most un-agency agency you will ever work for, largely because we were founded by two geeks, Yinch and Allan, who simply didn’t know better.


What does this mean? You’ll get to:

  • Work for bosses you can respect, and yet make fun of – in their face
  • Support some of the most innovative (seriously cool) companies in the world
  • Learn new stuff all the time, because we know we don’t know it all, and never will
  • Work like hell, but have fun in the process (read: impromptu ‘band’ jams, meme fests, courtyard hangouts, and lots of eating and drinking)
  • Come to work in whatever you feel most comfortable in – as long as it’s legal and there aren’t any client commitments
  • Not fill up any timesheet. Yes, you read it right. No. Timesheets.


What will you be doing?

Everything, is the simple answer. The PR Specialist/PR Coordinator will have a finger in pretty much every pie. You’ll have to research and produce strong first drafts of great B2B content for some amazing brands for your seniors to review. You’ll be coming up with and pitching story ideas to heard-it-all journalists who will need to be wow-ed. You’ll be in charge of community engagement for our social media programs, with all the fun and agony of staying on top of a world that never sleeps. Before you start hyperventilating, you won’t be doing this alone. You will have help from the seniors in the team, who will show you the way and bring you back to the path when you stray.


Are you the one we are looking for?

You’re probably just starting out in your career and see communications as a career choice that allows you to do what you love – write and talk to people. That’s just the beginning.


Agency life is not for the faint-hearted nor the slow-footed. The PR Specialist/PR Coordinator we are looking for must be a high-energy multi-tasker who can write really, really well (we are not a language school). We need someone who combines passion for all things B2B with a logical mind and an obsessive-compulsive attention to detail.


We are looking for a person who has curiosity about how the world works, and wants to dive deep into some pretty technical industries. You don’t have to know the industries we serve NOW, but you must want and be able to pick things up – fast.


Most importantly, we want someone who cares deeply about the work they do, to whom good-enough is never good enough. We don’t just want our clients to like you, we want them to love you.


Will it be fun? You better believe it. Check out our [Click Here to Email Your Resume] and find out more about the kinds of things we get up to.

Company Overview

Ying Communications started with just two people who shared a love for the amazing innovations, exceptional engineering and industry-changing technology created by leading B2B companies. So these two geeks formed an agency to help these companies bring their stories to life and to share them with Asia. Today, we are more than 40 strong in Singapore, delivering B2B marketing and B2B PR to some of the most innovative companies in the world. Learn More

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