Paradise Group Holdings Pte Ltd

Company Profile

Paradise Group Holdings was started in 2002 with its humble 25-seaters flagship seafood outlet, Seafood Paradise located at Defu Lane. Offering a wide variety of international live seafood and local delights, Seafood Paradise was well received by local gastronomic nomads and renowned food critics. With the success of its flagship outlet, the Group has since ventured into the different sectors of the local dining scene with the introduction of eight Chinese culinary concepts, Paradise Group, Paradise Dynasty, Taste Paradise, Paradise Pavilion, Paradise Inn, Seafood Paradise, One Paradise and Kungfu Paradise and now operates and owns over 20 restaurants in Singapore.

With strong vision and a dedicated team, Paradise Group Holdings has become a familiar establishment in the F&B scene and will continue to offer new brands of culinary concepts to the local dining scene with a truly unique dining experience.