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  • Category : Clerical/Admin, Office Operations, Pharmaceutical, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION You are responsible for the outpatient billing and financial queries at Pharmacy, which requires liaising and explaining to patients on outpatient billing and financial related matters such as Medisave, MediShield, etc. Also, you have to ensure that all contacts with the public are c
  • Category : Clerical/Admin, Clinical/Medical, Customer Service, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION Are you responsible, caring and loves getting things done well? We are seeking a team member to ensure that the daily operations of our wards, peri-operative areas, and patient flow work well for our patients. Experience in healthcare teams, hospitality, or service lines would be a b
  • Category : Business Development, Clerical/Admin, Office Operations, Clinical/Medical
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Contract)

JOB DESCRIPTION You will be responsible for overseeing the operations of assigned projects, managing resources and providing leadership to ensure efficient and timely achievement of project milestones. You will plan, implement and support the project's daily operational functions.  JOB REQUIREMENT...
  • Category : Clerical/Admin, Office Operations, Secretarial, Clinical/Medical
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION You will provide administrative support to the Department and assist in data entry, filing etc.   JOB REQUIREMENTS A levels & above Good with system and IT skills
  • Category : Data Entry, Nursing/Support, Clerical/Admin, Clinical/Medical
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Contract)

JOB DESCRIPTION Assist in the duties of trauma coordinator with focus on data entry Responsible for accurate data collection, code and enter data within specific time frame Ensure trauma data collected is regularly uploaded to the central system May assist in data collection and compilation for vari
  • Category : Business Development, Clerical/Admin, Clinical/Medical, Data Entry
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Contract)

JOB DESCRIPTION Collating, designing and cleaning data Preparing a database or registry for reporting Automation of reports and designing of dashboards JOB REQUIREMENTS At least a diploma holder At least 6 months experience on date management (know how to manipulate date to give a “tidy dataset" ...
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Nursing/Support, Clerical/Admin, Office Operations
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION •    Support the administration and coordination of clinical quality, patient safety and risk management programs, including but not exclusive to the following: Clinical Indicators reporting and analysis; Clinical Review Programs and focused clinical audits; e-HOR; Patient Safet...
  • Category : Research & Development (R&D), Clinical/Medical, Consumer Services, Health & Fitness
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION Work closely with Director, Clinical Research Unit (CRU) and respective Project-Principle Investigators (Pls) in the overall management of the grant and sub-studies. He/She will assist in setting-up the team of research personnel and the management of these personnel. Set up study wo
  • Category : Clerical/Admin, Clinical/Medical, Nursing/Support, Consumer Services
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION The role of Senior Executive / Executive (Medical Affairs) is to: oversee all matters pertaining to professional matters of clinicians including matters pertaining to medical malpractice indemnity and registration; and accreditation and credentialing of clinical staff. be responsible
  • Category : Multimedia/Web, Consumer Services, Clinical/Medical, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION Assist Corporate Communication Manager to build and enhance corporate image of the hospital and manage activities, publication, events and incidents with public impact. You will involve in different assignments included information management/ corporate literature, event management a
  • Category : Clerical/Admin, Clinical/Medical, Office Operations, Training/Development
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION Ensure efficient operation of services in alignment with the hospital's strategic plans. Develop and monitor key performance indicators and ensure optimum utilization of resources. Identify service discrepancy and work on process improvement. Train staff to rectify service lapses and
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Quality Control/Assurance , Product Development/Management, Procurement/Purchasing
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Contract)

JOB DESCRIPTION You will be responsible for ensuring that all goods and services are procured according to established Hospital policies. Draft tenders/RFQ. Obtain quotations, involved in quote evaluations, negotiation, raise orders/contracts, monitor PO deliveries & contracts expiry.   JOB REQUIRE...
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Clerical/Admin, Health & Fitness, Pharmaceutical
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

JOB DESCRIPTION The role of Senior Executive / Executive (Medical Affairs) is to : oversee all matters pertaining to professional matters of clinicians including matters pertaining to medical malpractice indemnity and registration; and accreditation and credentialing of clinical staff. is also respo
  • Category : Pharmaceutical, Chemical , Sciences, Principal/Management
  • Job Nature : Snr. Mgr, Top Mgmt (Perm)

Purpose Responsible for providing comprehensive technical support and QA oversight for Roche site Environmental Monitoring (EM) and Clean Utility Monitoring programs including data trending reports. Ensure facility zoning concepts, EM monitoring locations, gowning programs and facility cleaning pro
  • Category : Pharmaceutical, Assembly/Process/Production, Sciences, Principal/Management
  • Job Nature : Snr. Mgr, Top Mgmt (Perm)

Purpose Maintain the site’s Right to Operate and enable excellence in manufacturing by providing technical support to the production organization that results in safe, high quality, and continuously improving production. Continuously monitor, analyze, optimize, and ensure validation of ongoing op...
  • Category : Pharmaceutical, Quality Control/Assurance , Sciences, Principal/Management
  • Job Nature : Exp., Manager (Perm)

Purpose Responsible for managing the lifecycle of physical and electronic GMP records (from the point of creation at the project level through their ultimate archival and retirement). Provide Quality oversight in the review and approval process of documents to ensure documentation is released on ti
  • Category : Assembly/Process/Production, Quality Control/Assurance , Pharmaceutical, Sciences
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Key Responsibilities   Provide Quality Assurance (QA) oversight in Manufacturing operations to ensure that the manufacture of product and maintenance of the facilities are in compliance with SOPs, policies and cGMP / GDP guidelines Review batch production records and associated documents to ensure ...
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Health & Fitness, Medical/Life Science
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm, Temp)

Radiographer  Main Responsibilities: Responsible for safety positioning of patients; Illustrate patients about the desired postures to achieve accurate images before imaging; Perform radiographic examinations; Identify defects on film & assist in analyzing findings Requirements : Qualification in
  • Category : Nursing/Support, Medical/Life Science, Clinical/Medical, Pharmaceutical
  • Job Nature : Entry, Student (Perm, Contract)

Responsibilities: Assist and chaperone doctors during clinical procedures and consultations. Provide nursing care and perform nursing procedures if required Carry out initial assessment and care plan for patients Maintain a high standard performance in providing services for the general comfort and
  • Category : Quality Control/Assurance , Pharmaceutical, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Manager, Snr. Mgr (Perm)

Jobscope Assist with audit activities such as sponsor audits, clinical site audits etc Assist in change control quality impact assessment, complaint investigation and resolution. Preparation for coordination, documentation, and follow-up of regulatory inspection Providing regulatory compliance guid
  • Category : Clinical/Medical
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Contract)

Examine and assess the treatment needed for patients Provide and advise patient through regular session to help them achieve improved quality of life and independency Maintain the right documentation of therapy Provide consultation and support to the patients Requirement: Bachelor degree in Occupa
  • Category : Clinical/Medical
  • Job Nature : Top Mgmt (Perm)

Provide leadership and guidance to other nurses Apply evidence-based healthcare practices and nursing standards Ensure practices in the workplace comply with relevant legislation Ensure that complaints received are dealt with in accordance with service policy. Ensure that service policies and proced
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Medical/Life Science
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Responsible for independent and competent  of complex psychological services To supervise junior psychologist Implement departmental policies To provide educational program for healthcare providers and public Requirement: Master in Clinical Psychology 3 years of clinical working experience Inter...
  • Category : Clinical/Medical, Financial Controller
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Responsible for the budgeting, planning and the financial accounts of the Regional Health System (RHS). Working with management to support and transform care in the central region includes costing of activities, benchmarking, monitoring of KPIs and ensuring funds are disbursed according to its inten
  • Category : Consulting , Pharmaceutical, Clinical/Medical
  • Job Nature : Entry, Student (Intern, Temp)

As part of the largest recruitment company in Singapore, you will be responsible for: Identifying potential businesses, Managing client account,  Referring qualified talents to clients,  thereby assisting them to grow their human capital. Provide administrative support to the Team Manage interview...

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