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  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Mechanical, Technician
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

To be a part of the Engineering Planning Department responsible for planning and rolling out Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (Next Gen NBN) fibre infrastructure. Responsibilities: Preparation and update of NRS infor
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Aerospace, Mechatronics, General Worker
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

As a Naval Warfare System Engineer, you will lead your team in keeping naval assets primed for action at all times, and apply your skills and deep engineering expertise to some of the world’s most advanced naval technology, which includes warships,
  • Category : Mechanical, IT-Administration, Technician, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

The primary role of the Associate / Application Support Engineer is to handle the collection, storage, analysis, manipulation and rectification of complex geographical information which capture the company core business. Responsibilities: Involve
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

To coordinate and provide support for the provisioning of NGNBN fibre services to all non-residential sites in fastest possible time, to fulfill and meet the QoS target set by IMDA. Responsibilities: Manage site survey and installation work Mon
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, IT-Administration, IT-Hardware
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Responsibilities: Work with internal parties on technical solutions and solution implementations Support application software configuration, programming, enhancement and testing based on changing business requirements Provide OSS/BSS support for
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Maintenance, Government Sector/Civil Service, Technician
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will assist in planning and coordinating the administration, tender, management, delivery and control of maintenance works. You will also establish, implement and review workflow, regulations, guidelines as well as practices on related maintenance works. You will need to work with LTA officers,
  • Category : Mechanical, Quality Control/Assurance , Electrical/Electronics, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will manage the RTS assets to ensure optimum performance and quality of the asset through comprehensive monitoring the condition, whole system life cycle management in making trade-off decisions to optimize the useful life versus life extension or timely renewal of assets.  You will be the LTA...
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Technician, Consumer Services, Government Sector/Civil Service
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will be part of the team in the design development of land transport infrastructure projects. You will assist engineers in providing technical support to consultancy studies, and in developing and managing geotechnical data systems. You will co-ordinate with consultants and contractors for meeti
  • Category : Structural/Civil, Product Development/Management, General Worker, Government Sector/Civil Service
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm)

You will provide design support and prepare road design, which include the preliminary engineering design of conceptualizing road alignment, developing detailed design and preparing drawings for the calling of tenders for road projects. You will also have to coordinate with internal and external par
  • Category : IT-Management, IT-Administration, IT-Software/Development, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

We are looking for individual who are highly motivated to join our IT teams to provide effective IT assistance to our business users resolving any IT related applications usage and technical issues efficiently, including a board range of queries within the business operating system. Job Responsibi
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Environmental/Clean Energy, Maintenance, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will evaluate and review development proposal plans submitted for Vehicle Parking clearances to ensure that the proposal complies with prevailing requirements and guidelines. You will also be conducting site inspection to verify site conditions, prepa
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Mechanical, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will plan and coordinate the administration and regulation regime for control of works on public streets. You will be involved in instituting procedures, standards and requirements to ensure roads and road related facilities are structurally and opera
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Entry (Perm, Contract)

You will be part of the project team in managing civil engineering contracts for the new MRT railway lines and upgrading of existing lines; ensuring that the works are completed on schedule and to specifications. You will work closely with a team of profe
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Mechatronics, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will provide signals, communications and control support to various current and future transit and traffic projects. You will also provide engineering management support, as well as review and implement the driverless train control system, communicati
  • Category : Maintenance, Mechanical, Structural/Civil, Technician
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will provide engineering supports to project teams / other divisions and carry out engineering studies undertaken by the division. Your responsibilities will include the establishment of engineering standards; design of tunnel ventilation system and m
  • Category : Oil & Gas, Corporate Services, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

About the Energy & Resources Group The E&R team spearheads Singapore’s industry development strategy across the energy value chain, including upstream and downstream oil & gas, as well as renewables. The team works with leading global
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Mechanical, Troubleshoot
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

You will provide engineering support for projects as well as engineering studies supported and undertaken by the Division. You will be involved in designing high voltage power systems, railway traction power systems and low voltage reticulation schemes; e
  • Category : Government Sector/Civil Service, Industrial & Production, Consumer Services, Business Development
  • Job Nature : Entry, Student (Intern)

About EDB The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global center for business, innovation, and talent. Our mission is to create sustainable economic growth, with vibrant b
  • Category : Oil & Gas, Consumer Services, Research & Development (R&D), Business Development
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

About the Energy & Resources Group The E&R team spearheads Singapore’s industry development strategy across the energy value chain, including upstream and downstream oil & gas, as well as renewables. The team works with leading global
  • Category : Maintenance, Mechanical, Structural/Civil, Quality Control/Assurance
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

At LTA, safety is our top priority. We value the safety and health of our staff and the people who work alongside us. As a Deputy / Assistant Safety & Health Manager, you will provide specialist advice on workplace safety and health issues relating
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, IT-Administration, IT-Software/Development
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Responsibilities: Analysing and mapping Client’s functional requirements against the Software available functions Translating client requirements into highly specified project deliverables Identifying customization where needed and working
  • Category : Sales Support/Coordination, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical, Account Management
  • Job Nature : Entry, Exp. (Perm)

Job Responsibilities: Provide engineering and technical support to the assigned Sales personnel Handle customer enquiries on technical and engineering issues related to sales, eg. equipment selection for quotation submission, preparation of bill o
  • Category : Maintenance, Product Development/Management, Corporate Services, Research & Development (R&D)
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Job Description The Administration Division is the specialist team responsible for building and facilities maintenance (FM), efficient space utilisation and tenancy management. As a Project Officer, you will work closely with the FM team and e
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Mechanical, Structural/Civil
  • Job Nature : Exp., Snr. Mgr (Contract)

To run the daily Facilities Management operations of a single big scale site Responsible and accountable for overall quality of delivery of Facilities Management (FM) services to the client including financial, resource and performance management and re
  • Category : Electrical/Electronics, Maintenance, Mechanical, Mechatronics
  • Job Nature : Exp. (Perm)

Responsibility Responsible for project planning, implementation and management from project handover to project completion To coordinate, liaise and communicate with people of all levels internally and externally Designing and sizing of the layo

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