The Air Force Spirit

"To be a first class air force made up of world class people."

Coupled with our first class professionals are state-of-the-art aircraft and technology. Together, they make us what we are today – a first world air force.

Weapon Systems Officer (Fighter)

As a Weapon Systems Officer (Fighter), you will form part of the formidable team that flies the F-15SG and F-16D+. In addition to planning missions, you will need to make split-second decisions, navigate, monitor surface and air threats, and manage the onboard weapon systems — often all at once. Join us and turn your passion for precision into our mission success.

Starting Salary:

  • $2,420 - $6,060


  • Eyesight not more than 600 degrees per eye
  • Astigmatism not more than 200 degrees per eye
  • Height between 1.62m and 1.90m

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