Naval Officer

Your career as a Naval Officer will see you taking on key leadership roles and being exposed to various aspects of the organisation, including operations, planning and training. As you serve to defend our maritime nation, the Navy will ensure that you are well taken care of with a competitive salary and attractive benefits.

Academic Qualification

  • Degree or International Baccalaureate

Starting Salary

Officer Cadet
$3,650- $4,890

$4,570*- $5,520*
*Includes ship board allowance of $350

Additional Allowances

  • Ship board: $350- $450
  • Submarine: $750- $850
  • Diving allowance: $700- $1000

Basic Requirements

  • Singapore citizen or Singapore PR intending to take up citizenship
  • Medically fit (PES A and PES B)
  • Normal colour perception

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