Realise your true potential with Our Army.

As a Warrant Officer and Specialist (WOSpec) in Our Army, you will enjoy a career that is as rewarding as it is challenging, with a variety of appointments that will offer you opportunities for personal development. We will groom you to fulfil your potential as a world-class leader whose leadership and decision-making skills are of great value to peers, and to the men you lead.

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As a Warfighter, you will...

  • Translate our warfighting capabilities to the ground
  • Provide the sharp edge at the tactical level
  • Uphold high standards to ensure the operationally readiness of the troops under your charge

As a Trainer, you will...

  • Shape the training landscape, using your keen acumen to formulate strong training pedagogies and curriculums
  • Impart ground tactics, combat systems and vocational skills to the various operation units, Training Institutes (TI) and Schools
  • Be accountable for the soldiers' combat proficiency, discipline, safety and morale

As a Leader, you will...

  • Be a good role model for our soldiers to strive towards
  • Ensure that your unit functions effectively as a collective entity
  • Possess the skills to coach, facilitate and promote the learning organisation culture in Our Army
Taking Charge of Training
  • Force Preparation
    • Check every individual soldier's proficiency and competency prior to any mission or task
    • Ensure that soldiers are well-equipped
    • Verify that weapons, equipment and vehicles are in good condition
  • Soldiering Fundamentals
    • Train our soldiers in fitness, navigation, marksmanship, individual fieldcraft and minor warfighting tactics
    • Strengthen the combat endurance and psychological resilience of our soldiers so that they can function as a cohesive fighting unit
Deepening Skills and Knowledge
  • Pursue self-development, both personally and professionally
  • Embrace new ideas while engaging in lifelong and self-directed learning
Leading and Managing WOSpecs
  • Role Model
    • Demonstrate courage, competence, candour, commitment and integrity for the soldiers to emulate
    • Be exemplary in behaviour and possess professional conduct at all times
  • Continuous Learning
    • Maintain a positive attitude towards learning and self-improvement
    • Leverage strengths and work to overcome weaknesses
    • Seek to continuously learn new doctrines, equipment, technology and policies
  • Catalyst of Positive Army Experience
    • Improve the quality of the National Service experience
    • Provide positive touch-points and support for our soldiers
  • Grooming WOSpecs
    • Guide fellow WOSpecs
    • Assume ownership in ROA development
Enforcing Regimentation and Discipline
  • Enforce Standards
    • Set, maintain and enforce high standards in training, operations, administration, safety, soldiers' behaviour, systems and practices
  • Custodian of Cultures and Values
    • Communicate Our Army's culture and values to our soldiers and make sure they have a clear understanding of both
    • Mould junior servicemen and women by teaching them the tradition, practices and heritage of Our Army
  • Administrator
    • Manage resources effectively and run the daily operations of Our Army
    • Ensure smooth and effective administration in training and peacetime operations
    • Provide the best form of welfare for our soldiers
  • Subject Matter Expert in Parade and Ceremonies
    • Be proficient in executing all regimental matters, including dress regulations, parade and ceremonies


You will be placed onto the Premium Plan upon your inception into the Warrant Officer Corps. This scheme is designed to groom you for Warrant Officership and will prepare you to assume senior training and management positions in Our Army. Under the Premium Plan, you can look forward to academic upgrading opportunities as early as the second year in service.
The key features of the Enhanced Warrant Officers Scheme (EWOS) are:

  • Post-Retirement Medical Insurance up to age 60 for those who qualify
  • Sponsored Degree studies for WOSpecs with commendable performance early in their careers
  • Sponsored Diploma and Degree study schemes to upgrade yourself academically while in service

As part of Our Army's commitment towards developing our leaders, you will be groomed to take on the Warrant Officer appointment as early as the end of your 6th year in service. During the nurturing process, you can expect to attend a variety of courses, such as Route of Advancement (ROA) courses, which will prepare you for critical appointments within Our Army.

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Aspire to go further in life? We can take you there.

To groom you into an effective leader, our Nurturing Roadmap ensures that you will build a strong leadership foundation and receive regular educational upgrading opportunities. You will acquire the necessary capabilities to excel in a dynamic and complex environment.

Our Nurturing Roadmap is grounded on 3 key pillars — Continuing Education, Professional Military & Education Training, and Leadership Development.

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Our Army Warrant Officers receive very competitive remuneration in comparison with the private sector. This is continually benchmarked and constantly reviewed.

One-time Sign-On Bonus of $30,000 (Not applicable for Award Holders)

3rd Sergeant (3 GCE N/O-LEVELS & Above/NITEC/Higher NITEC/A-Level/Diploma)

Combat Specialist: $2,060 - $2,610
**Service Specialist: $1,590 - $2,370
(Supply & Transport)

**Min 3 GCE N-Levels and above Note: Information correct as of 8 November 2016.
The salaries shown are not inclusive of:
  • Mid-year/End-year Bonus
  • Performance Bonus (Based on individual military performance for the work-year)
  • Yearly Merit Increments (Based on individual military performance for the last work-year)
  • Special Bounty, one-time Sign-On Bonus of $30,000 (Not applicable for Award Holders)



CARE benefits are given to servicemen who attain Warrant Officership. They are meant to supplement the financial needs of servicemen who serve until (or near to) the retirement age.

Our Army will make a one-off contribution into your CARE Account. Thereafter, a monthly contribution (5% of monthly Premium Salary) will be made into the account. Upon leaving the Army, you will be paid based on your age at the point of retirement. You will be eligible for higher percentages of monies in the CARE Account if you leave at/near the retirement age.

In addition, Combat Warrant Officers will also benefit from the Premium Bonuses (PrB) system, with payouts at 2 points — at the end of the 6th year in service for all, and at the end of the 12th year in service for 3WOs.

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MINDEF Centre for Management Development (MCMD) Courses

Strive for personal upgrading and development with our series of quality in-house training courses. These include organisational training, competency development and continuing education.

Leave Entitlement

You will be entitled to 14 to 18 days of annual leave, according to your educational level, service length and rank. Your leave entitlement will be upgraded once you have completed 10 years of continuous service. Also, you will be entitled to 14 days of Medical Leave and 60 days of extended Hospitalisation Leave if you are warded.

Medisave-Cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) Scheme

As a Warrant Officer, you will receive attractive medical benefits, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind and contribute your best. Upon joining us, you will be placed onto the MSO Scheme, which will contribute 1% of your salary into your Medisave account each month, up to a total of $70 per month. Additional wages will also attract the 1% Medisave contribution, up to a maximum of $350 per annum. You will also enjoy outpatient subsidies of up to $350 per year.

Post Retirement Medical Insurance (PRMI)

Post Retirement Medical Insurance (PRMI) will be given to all Warrant Officers in selected vocations who retire at age 50 onwards, with at least 10 years of recognisable service. It will cover you from the day of retirement from the SAF till age 60.*
*PRMI does not cover spouses and children.

Flexible Benefits System (FLEX)

Every Warrant Officer will be given annual FLEX credits, with 1 FLEX credit equivalent to S$1. The amount of FLEX credits will increase with years in service. We recognise that every Warrant Officer has unique needs, so the FLEX credits can be used to pay for a diverse range of life's needs such as insurance, vacations and education, among others, for yourself and a dependent.

  • Stage 1: 600 credits per year(6 years of service and below)
  • Stage 2: 800 credits per year(Above 6 years and up to 12 years of service)
  • Stage 3: 1000 credits per year(Above 12 years of service)