Realise your true potential with Our Army.

Some say leaders are born, not made. In Our Army, we prove otherwise. As an Officer in Our Army, you will enjoy a dignified career full of challenging and enriching opportunities, and develop into a leader par excellence.

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As a Commander, you will...

  • Hone and develop a comprehensive set of transferable skills that will serve you well beyond your retirement at age 50
  • Refine and enrich your knowledge and man-management skills with a deliberate and elaborate roadmap
  • Get the opportunity to test your mettle and leadership abilities on peacekeeping or humanitarian missions
  • Motivate and inspire our people for success, while ensuring their well-being

As a Professional Trainer, you will...

  • Coach and mentor the future leaders of Our Army
  • Share your expertise and experience, and impart trade skills
  • Guide our men and ensure their proper indoctrination with the right military values and skills

As an Operational Staff, you will...

  • Test your organisational skills as you work towards shaping an Army that is relevant and capable of dealing with a myriad of possibilitiess
  • Plan, strategise and realise our warfighting capabilities
  • Spearhead capital and technical developments in Our Army to maintain our decisive edge


Under the Enhanced Officers Scheme (EOS), you will enjoy an elaborate career that will see you take on a spectrum of leadership and management appointments. There are also a number of unique features to the scheme, so you can be sure that your career journey is one filled with options and opportunities.

Here are a couple of these features.

SAVER provides a plan to save with additional premiums during your service. On top of the monthly salary, MINDEF makes contributions based on a certain percentage of the Officers' gross monthly salary into SAVER accounts. You are eligible to withdraw SAVER funds from the Savings and Retirement Accounts during service, and enjoy an added bonus at the point of full vesting amount in these accounts.

  • CPF Top-up Account
    A portion of your CPF contributions will be deposited into this account, which is invested under the SAVER-PREMIUM Fund. The monies and returns accumulated will be credited back to your CPF Account upon completion of your service.
  • Savings Account
    This account helps build up your savings during your mid-career. Funds will be deposited into this account during the first 10 years of your service. You may use the funds from the 7th year onwards. The amount that can be withdrawn will depend on the length of your service.
  • Retirement Account
    Funds will be deposited into this account from your 7th year of service till the end of your military career. This will provide you with extra financial comfort and security when you retire or transit to your second career.
The Dual Track Combat Officer (DTCO) Scheme provides two different career tracks – Generalist and Specialist – so that you have the autonomy to shape your own Army career. Regardless of which track you undertake, you will experience and take on challenging jobs of a diversified nature.
  • Generalist Track
    All Officers are automatically placed under the generalist track at the start of their career in Our Army. Generalists are essentially groomed along the path of Command, Staff or Instructional.

    For instance, after the Platoon Commander tour, an Officer can be assigned to be an Officer Cadet School Platoon Commander (Instructional) for a couple of years, before returning to be an Officer Commanding (Command) in a ground Battalion. Subsequently, he can be posted to the General Staff HQ as a Human Resource Officer (Staff), specialising in personnel policies for another couple of years, before returning to the Battalion/Brigade as an Operations Officer.

    This example is one of many, and is purely for illustrative purposes. You can expect every single Officer to experience a unique career path that is tailored to his/her interests. Of course, opportunities for academic upgrading remain open throughout your career, either via the Degree Sponsorship Programmes or the SAF Postgraduate Awards (SPA). You may also have the chance to upgrade your military knowledge at prestigious military institutions around the world.
  • Specialist Track
    This track grants you opportunities to alternate between your chosen vocation (e.g. Infantry) and an area of organisational specialisation (Human Resource Management; Logistics Management; Military Psychology; Training Development; Military Technology/Systems Development; Intelligence).

    Upon expressing interest in an area of specialisation, you will be groomed and provided with opportunities to further hone your specialisation at local and overseas prestigious academic and military institutions, via the SAF Postgraduate Awards (SPA).

As part of Our Army's commitment towards developing and nurturing our leaders, you will be groomed to take on the Officer Commanding (OC) appointment within your first ten years. During which, you may pursue your degree on a full-time or part-time basis. Upon completing your OC tour, you can either choose to remain as a Generalist Officer and continue with your vocational tour in your chosen field (e.g. Armour), or opt to be a Specialist Officer, under the Dual Track Combat Officer (DTCO) Scheme.

All Officers are eligible to apply for the SAF Postgraduate Awards to pursue their postgraduate education as part of our commitment towards Continuing Education. You can also expect to attend a variety of courses, including Route of Advancement (ROA) courses, which will prepare you for critical appointments in your Army career.

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Aspire to go further in life? We can take you there.

To groom you into an effective leader, our Nurturing Roadmap ensures that you will build a strong leadership foundation and receive regular educational upgrading opportunities. You will also strategise operational plans and capabilities across a dynamic and complex environment.

Our Nurturing Roadmap is grounded on 3 key pillars — Continuing Education, Professional Military & Education Training, and Leadership Development.

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Our Army Officers receive very competitive remuneration in comparison with the private sector. This is continually benchmarked and constantly reviewed.

One-time Sign-On Bonus of $5,000 - $20,000 (Not applicable for Award Holders)


Officers with strong military and academic standings would be accorded an additional top up to their starting salary.

Note: Information correct as of 8 November 2016.



Strive for personal upgrading and development with our series of quality in-house training courses. These include organisational training, competency development and continuing education.

Leave Entitlement

All Officers are entitled to 18 days of annual leave. Your leave entitlement will be upgraded to 21 days once you have completed 10 years of continuous service. Also, you will be entitled to 14 days of Medical Leave and 60 days of extended Hospitalisation Leave if you are warded.

Medisave-Cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) Scheme

As an Officer, you will receive attractive medical benefits, which should give you the peace of mind to carry on giving your best. Upon joining us, you will be placed onto the MSO Scheme, which will contribute 1% of your salary into your Medisave account each month, up to a total of $70 per month. Additional wages will also attract the 1% Medisave contribution, up to a maximum of $350 per annum. You will also enjoy outpatient subsidies of up to $350 per year.

Post Retirement Medical Insurance (PRMI)

Post Retirement Medical Insurance (PRMI) will be given to all Officers in selected vocations who retire at age 45 onwards, with at least 10 years of recognisable service. It will cover you from the day of retirement from the SAF till age 60.*
*PRMI does not cover spouses and children.


You will receive a 6-month SAVER bonus of your gross salary at the end of your 6th SAVER year.

Flexible Benefits System (FLEX)

Every Officer will be given annual FLEX credits, where 1 FLEX credit is equivalent to S$1. The amount of FLEX credits will increase with years in service. We recognise that every Officer has unique needs, so the FLEX credits can be used to pay for a diverse range of life's needs such as insurance, vacations and education, among others, for yourself and a dependent.

  • Stage 1: 600 credits per year(6 years of service and below)
  • Stage 2: 800 credits per year(Above 6 years and up to 12 years of service)
  • Stage 3: 1000 credits per year(Above 12 years of service)
Welfare Benefits

As an organisation that is committed towards ensuring the welfare of all our personnel, we have plenty of packages and programmes designed to grant you a healthy and comfortable work-life balance.

  • SAF Holiday Resorts, both local and overseas.
  • Attractive Marriage/Anniversary/Newborn Gifts
  • SAF TravelCare
  • Vision Care Programme