Realise your true potential with Our Army.

As a Military Expert in Our Army, you will develop deep professional expertise in key military domains, such as technical, engineering, nursing and intelligence. It will be a career full of opportunities, as you employ your deep specialisation to maintain our operational edge.

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Leader and Manager

As a Leader and Manager, you will...

  • Enjoy the unique opportunity to command, lead and manage in a uniformed environment
  • Engineer Our Army's capabilities and operationally readiness
  • Share your expertise and mentor future experts
  • Lead teams and take on project management roles in support of Our Army's transformation efforts
Domain Expert

As a Domain Expert, you will...

  • Exploit and maintain highly sophisticated systems
  • Hone and retain your proficiency to support a sophisticated and evolving SAF
Strategic Planner

As a Strategic Planner, you will...

  • Push operational and technological boundaries within specialist domains
  • Engage in forward planning to maintain Our Army's decisive edge


The Military Domain Experts Scheme (MDES) offers an extended military career up to age 60. As a Military Expert (ME), you will have opportunities to upgrade yourself through scholarships and sponsorships, in addition to professional development and Continuing Education (CE) programmes. With a systematic Route of Advancement (ROA) for gaining the relevant operational experience, you will develop the deep expertise essential to your domain specialisation.

With Our Army's technological expertise and knowledge base put in your capable hands, you will have the chance to expand your expertise and strive for excellence as you move up the leadership ladder.


MDES Job Clustering
ME1 to ME3 appointments provide the foundation for building and consolidating invaluable operational experience and system competencies. With this foundation, outstanding MEs will be able to progress to higher-grade appointments of ME4 and above, which encompass greater leadership responsibilities and deeper specialisation.

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Qualifications and Performance-Based Career Progression System

The MDES ROA and career progression system are premised upon professional qualifications, performance and potential. Good performers will be scheduled for qualification courses, and will be assessed on their expertise and knowledge for further upgrading. Successfully passing the assessments will allow them to be promoted and hold higher-grade appointments.


Aspire to go further in life? We can take you there.

The Nurturing Roadmap for MDES will groom uniformed personnel to acquire deep expertise in various domains. These military experts will operate Our Army’s complex systems, and serve to retain and enhance domain knowledge within the SAF.

Our Nurturing Roadmap is grounded on 3 key pillars — Continuing Education, Professional Military & Education Training, and Leadership Development.

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Our Army's Military Experts enjoy competitive remuneration with a premium over the relevant market benchmarks through the Market Adjustable Specialisation Component (MASC). The overall salary package serves to recognise individual expertise, and is pegged to rank, specific specialisation and level of expertise.

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Senior Military Experts with strong military and academic standings would be accorded an additional top up to their starting salary.

Note: Information correct as of 8 November 2016.


Full CPF Scheme

MEs, leading a full career up to age 60, will benefit from a full CPF scheme.

Performance Bonus and Increments

To recognise and encourage better performance, you will be rewarded with annual performance bonuses (similar to the Officer and Warrant Officers Corps). MEs with good performance will enjoy an attractive performance-based annual Merit Increment (MI) and Promotion Increment (PI) upon promotion in rank or grade.

MDES Experts Continuous Engagement and Learning (EXCEL) Bonuses

You will be rewarded for your continued commitment to the Army with attractive EXCEL Bonuses, which amount up to 28 months of your gross monthly salary over the span of your career, up to 60 years of age. The bonuses will be given out at ages 32, 40, and 50*.

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*Applicants who do not meet the first 12 months criteria will receive a pro-rated bonus at the age of 32.

MINDEF Centre for Management Development (MCMD) Courses

Strive for personal upgrading and development with our series of quality in-house training courses. These include organisational training, competency development and continuing education.

Leave Entitlement

You will be entitled to 14 to 18 days of annual leave, according to your educational level, service length and rank. Your leave entitlement will be upgraded once you have completed 10 years of continuous service. Also, you will be entitled to 14 days of Medical Leave and 60 days of extended Hospitalisation Leave if you are warded.

Medisave-Cum-Subsidised Outpatient (MSO) Scheme

As an ME, you will receive attractive medical benefits, giving you peace of mind while you contribute your best. Upon joining us, you will be placed onto the MSO Scheme, which will contribute 1% of your salary into your Medisave account each month, up to a total of $70 per month. Additional wages will also attract the 1% Medisave contribution, up to a maximum of $350 per annum. You will also enjoy outpatient subsidies of up to $350 per year.

Flexible Benefits System (FLEX)

Every ME will be given annual FLEX credits, with 1 FLEX credit equivalent to S$1. The amount of FLEX credits will increase with years in service. We recognise that every ME has unique needs, so the FLEX credits can be used to pay for a diverse range of life's needs such as insurance, vacations and education, among others, for yourself and a dependent.

  • Stage 1: 600 credits per year(6 years of service and below)
  • Stage 2: 800 credits per year(Above 6 years and up to 12 years of service)
  • Stage 3: 1000 credits per year(Above 12 years of service)