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Intern/RSM - Research

Environment scan and data analytics 

The Research and Strategy Management Division (RSM) at the Ministry of National Development comprises of the Research and Data Analytics Resource Unit (RaDAR) and the Strategy Management Unit. The RaDAR conducts research studies to inform policy work and related decisions. The Strategy Management Unit provides alignment and coordination for policy and planning within the MND family and across whole-of-government. The division also has an international relations team which oversees our engagement with foreign counterparts and an emergency preparedness team which oversees and coordinates the organisation’s role during national emergencies.

We would like to invite interested university students in their third year or later to apply for an internship with the department’s research unit, RaDAR. You would get to experience first-hand what research work is like at MND. You will be part of a dynamic team at RaDAR the which provides timely and accurate research output to policy divisions and Senior Management to review policies and inform decisions.


The internship aims to provide students with the opportunity to experience public-sector research work by embarking on a project relating to one of the following topics:

  • Assessing public housing affordability, and understanding the public housing needs of Singaporeans;
  • Developing surveillance capabilities to better understand key drivers that affect property market prices in Singapore;
  • Deepening our knowledge of housing and related social Issues faced by different population segments and the efficacy of related policies;
  • Understanding the social cohesiveness of our community and residents’ sentiments toward the living environment.

Through the internship, students will have the opportunity to witness the important role research plays in the policy development process. They would get to conceptualise studies and gain experience in essential research skills (such as data preparation and analysis) through practical hands-on work and guidance provided by experienced researchers. At the end of the internship, students will have the opportunity to present their completed study to our management.


Given the assigned tasks and responsibilities, we are looking for undergraduates with the following traits:

  • University student in the 3rd year or Honours year from disciplines such as : data science, statistics, sociology, economics and psychology
  • Minimum commitment of 8 weeks with RSM
  • Possess a strong interest in Housing and Social related research
  • Basic programming knowledge in R, Python are preferred


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MND EDGE Scholarships

If you share our passion to shape the city of tomorrow, we invite you to apply for our MND EDGE Scholarships to pursue a diverse range of undergraduate
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MND EDGE Scholarship (Sustainable Development): Engineering, Urban Studies, Urban Planning & Design, Environmental Science, Real Estate, Sociology, Economics, Geography and any other related disciplines

AVA Undergraduate Scholarship: Economics/Business, Agribusiness/Agricultural Economics, Aquaculture, Science, Food Science, Horticultural Science, Veterinary Science and any other related disciplines

BCA Undergraduate and Mid-Term Scholarships: Architecture, Architecture & Sustainable Design, Civil / Structural / Electrical / Coastal / Mechanical / Environmental Engineering, Engineering Systems & Design, Project & Facilities Management

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NParks Undergraduate Scholarship: Horticulture, Forestry, Botany, Environmental Science / Management

GB Undergraduate Scholarship: The following list shows the courses of study that our scholars are encouraged to study in, but not limited to: Plant Sciences, Applied Sciences, Horticultural Science, Botany, Forestry, Biotechnology, Landscape Architecture.

URA Undergraduate and Mid-Term Scholarships: Architecture, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Town Planning, Transport Planning, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering/Environmental Studies, Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, Economics, Real Estate, Sociology, Geography/GIS.

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The MND Internship Programme offers students who are interested in a career in MND and in the Civil Service, an enriching opportunity to discover your potential.

In the ten-to-twelve week internship at MNDHQ, you will be attached to one of MND's core functions, depending on your interest. Whichever path you choose, expect to realise your leadership potential in a dynamic environment where you will grow personally and professionally. More importantly, through the varied and challenging assignments, you will have a better understanding of MND's operations as well as gain greater insights into public policy-making.

If you are keen on an internship with MND, we welcome you to submit your application for an internship with MND to and indicate the duration and period of your availability.