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Order Management Officer

Job Responsibilities:

Shipment and Finished Goods Inventory Target Commitment
  • Participate in order backlog review meetings to provide feedback on risks to meet each period,s shipment commitments. 
  • Support initiatives to meet each period,s finished goods inventory commitments. 

Tier 3 Project Orders Collaboration with Project Manager, Sales Office, Local Business Partners and/or End Customers

  • Ensure that customer receives their orders on time and shipment commitment targets are met. 
  • Provide fast order acknowledgement to Sales Offices, Local Business Partners or End Customers with realistic delivery dates and accurate prices. 
  • Ensure that customer receive a revised order acknowledgement immediately once if there are any revised factory completion dates or changes in the order prices. 
  • Participate in Project Manager Internal Kick off Meetings for Tier 3 Project Orders. 
  • Commit the lead time needed to book and complete the order to Project Manager. 
  • Single Point of Contact from the factory for Project Manager on project order statuses. 
  • Respond promptly to Project Manager,s enquiries and proactively update the Project Manager if there are any delays in deliveries. 
  • Acquire proforma invoice, packing instructions and shipping release from Project Managers or Sales Offices to release orders for shipment. 
  • Represent Project Manager to participate in Project Review. 
  • Coordinate Customer Inspection in the factory if Project Manager is not physically present in the factory. 

Tier 3 Project Order Coordination with Factory 

  • Chair project order review meetings with various functional teams in the factory to review order statuses and mitigate delivery risks
  • Provide feedback to Order Screening Team to ensure technical unclean that is detected after booking is being addressed quickly. 
  • Expedite relevant functional groups immediately when there are any potential order delays
  • Communicate customer change order requests to the factory and ensure that the changes are executed
  • Communicate effectively with Singapore factory on customer's delivery date pull in or push out requests
  • Ensure that order entry related production redlights are cleared promptly.
  • Ensure that factory completes the order by committed date and ready for customer inspection.
  • Coordinate with the shipping team to ensure that the order is packed on the committed packing date.

Oracle System and Commercial

  • Ensure order screen for commercial unclean.
  • Application of commercial bonds for the order if needed.
  • Ensure that the dates own by order management team are updated and reflective of current order status.
  • Ensure that order details (dates, prices, etc.) in Oracle system matches customer's requirements as indicated in customer documents.
  • Ensure that order holds are updated and reflective of how the order needs to be managed.
  • Ensure that orders are in ready condition and in correct status before each order status. (eg. Supply Eligible, Production Open Un-Released, Awaiting Shipping)
  • Clear all system holds needed for the order to progress to the next stage in the Oracle system.
  • Ensure that all required commercial documents (e.g. Credit Notes ) are generated and submitted to relevant teams on time.
  • Participate actively in continuous improvement initiatives that helps achieve key performance indicator goals.
  • Complete other job assigned by supervisor/manager.

Job Requirements :

  • Degree in Engineering / Science / Business Management / Commercial Management or related discipline.
  • Relevant order management, customer service, project management experience in a manufacturing industry.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Experience chairing and facilitating cross functional meetings.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Can work under pressure, drives for result, customer focused, detailed oriented, interpersonal savvy.
  • Good Microsoft Excel skills.
  • Thinks systematically and organizes tasks to work efficiently and effectively.